Morganite, Sunstone & stormy sea African glass


Gorgeous light peach-pink colored Morganite nuggets, with gold plated Hematite squares and grey African glass beads, mixed with the most beautiful 8mm peach sunstone.   Sunstone is a type of feldspar formed in volcanic lava and forced to the surface. Once the lava falls away, the glittering effect, called Adventurescence, is revealed. It is caused…


Bracelet Notes:

  • Please take care to avoid overstretching, rolling the bracelet on gently
  • Natural organic materials such as wood and lava may patina over time due to the contact with our skin, it’s part of making it unique!
  • Take care to avoid prolonged contact with water, and substances like fresh lotion/sunscreen/oils.
  • Dyed wood beads may be sensitive to color bleeding, darker colors are typically less colorfast than pale ones and care should be taken with water and sweat to avoid this. All wood beads are sourced from the best options manufactured in the Philippines.

Bracelet Sizing

  • Please make sure to check the sizing guide for best result!


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5.5" | XS | Kids, 6" | S, 6.5 | S, 7 | M, 7.5" | M, 8" | L, 8.5" | XL


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